New Year, New Blog.

Big sky andy clear water. Who wouldn't want to fish here !

Big sky andy clear water. Who wouldn’t want to fish here !

One of the things that we haven’t always been very good at here at the Angling Trust, is telling people about all the important work we do. Day on day, week on week, year on year. We’ve got better in recent times, with the re-design of our members magazine The Angler and the great blog that Martin Salter our National Campaigns Co-ordinator puts together, Fighting For Fishing, not forgetting the the fantastic Tide Lines blog of our Marine Campaigns Manager, David Mitchell. However we have a very dedicated Freshwater team, whose work is perhaps not as heralded as it should be, so we will be doing our best to keep you up to date with our work in future via this blog and through monthly Freshwater Updates that will be emailed out to all our members.

So why not click on the button on the right hand side and follow this blog and you’ll get an email overtime we post a new story.

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