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As you may know, we run around 34 “Fisheries Forum” meetings a year right round the country. Because these forums are supported by rod licence money they only cover freshwater issues but offer a chance for anglers and angling clubs to engage with the Trust, the Environment Agency and other key organisations about lots of different subjects. Over the last 12 months we covered everything from Invasive species, predations issues, enforcement problems, bio-security, club funding issues, stocking policies, and a whole host of other topics at meetings from Newcastle to Kent and just about everywhere in between.

A packed out at one of our recent Freshwater Fisheries Forums
A packed house at one of our recent Freshwater Forums

We are always keen to ensure that the topics we cover at these meetings reflect the issues that anglers most want to discuss. With this in mind we have just launched a series of regional questionnaires asking anglers what they think should be on the agendas at the forums. So if you have 2 minutes to spare and you care about fishing in your region, please click one of the links below and let us have your views.

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