Building Bridges on the Nene Phase II

Building Bridges on the Nene Phase II

Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme is a Heritage Lottery funded project bringing together 11 partners to deliver 16 projects which will celebrate the Nene Valley and its heritage. The projects will research and promote the history of the river and its valley, encourage visitors and residents to explore it and give local people the opportunity and skills to help look after it. Thanks to National Lottery players, we will spend five years understanding and promoting the identity of the Nene Valley to secure its resilience to increasing populations. Keep in touch via our website or on social media to find out about all our upcoming opportunities to get involved.

EA officer Lee Watts talking to pulpils from Polish School in Nottingham

We are delighted that we have now received approval from the Heritage Lottery Fund to start delivery of this exciting project,  which covers the Nene Valley landscape in a number of specific themes: ‘Listen to the Past,’ ‘Explore the Now’ and ‘Secure the Future.’  A video explaining this and its partner’s projects is available Here.

The Angling Trust and its Building Bridges project sits within the ‘Secure the Future’ theme, and involves 4 specific programs: Education, Supporting Clubs, Enforcement and Competitions.  Please see an Explanation Video featuring Rado Papiewski our Building Bridges manager explaining our programs.

So what are we going to do?

The project is split into 4 specific programs: Education, Supporting Clubs, Enforcement and Competitions

Education – This will focus on for 2018 on 4 Polish Saturday schools.

Polska Szkola Sobotnia – Wellingborough

Polska Szkola Jezyka – Northampton

Nicolas Copernicus Polish School – Peterborough

Polska Szkola w – Corby

These are large schools with up to 500 children in attendance, we plan to run an open introductory event with an artwork competition, on the children’s interpretation

of the river Nene. The winners will be selected to attend 5 coaching development sessions and represent their school in future angling competitions across the Nene Valley. The theme will be fishing within UK rules, river ecology and the variances between UK and European laws, whilst learning angling skills.


Szymon Skoczen will continue in his Nenescape Building Bridges role and will be supported by a further person who will be recruited in December. We are seeking a number of volunteers, to assist with this coaching, who will provided training to both Level I and Level II CCA standards.

This exciting program will address the education integration of migrate communities.    

Event at Ferry Meadow Peterborough

Club Support – This will focus from Dec-17 on clubs and fisheries across the Nene Valley.

Clubs and Fisheries will be offered advice on best practise in terms of managing their venues in terms of illegal poaching and bye-law infringement. They will be offered the development of bespoke signage for their venues, an important principle in adherence with the theft act.

Voluntary Bailiff Service – This will focus from Dec-17 on given more focus and support to the existing and developing more Voluntary Bailiffs across the Nene Valley. The vacancy position will primary focus on this area and club support until April 2018.

Competitions – We have already held our 1st competition at Ferry Meadows, which attracted some 39 participants.

It is planned to hold open angling competitions during 2018. These events may align to other activities being planned by the wider Nenescape partners at either Ferry Meadows or Stanwick Lakes.

Volunteering forms an important part of both angling and the wider Nenescape project.

Last year we ran a survey of 12,000 rod licence holders in which some 300 people expressed an interest in volunteering. We will be contacting these people again to explore future volunteering opportunities in both angling and Nenescape partnership programs.

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