12 Months of Amazing Fishing Ahead

Late Autumn/Early winter is one of my favourite times of year to get out fishing. The roach are busy shoaling up in our rivers and stillwaters, which can lead to some amazing catches. Fishing a stick float on the river or a pole on the canal and catching a lovely net of sparkling roach is hard to beat and it needn’t be an expensive day out, as bread punch using a cheap loaf from the supermarket really comes into it’s own as the weather get’s colder and the rivers run clear.

There’s nothing like being out there on a crisp November morning

Predators are on the feed too, in an attempt to pack on weight before the winter and there is some amazing fishing to be had chasing pike in stillwaters, rivers and canals but maybe my favourite fish at this time of the year is the perch. I love a roving approach with lures on the canal, casting little soft plastic lures around bridges and anywhere there is deeper water usually pays dividends. The roving approach helps you stay warm too !

There are some big pike to be had at this time of year !

Despite my talk of perch as my favourites, I also love fishing for Grayling at this time of year, there’s something so special about trotting a float down my local River Teme and catching beautiful flashing grayling and dace in the fast running water.

roving with a lure rod on a canal at this time of year is just brilliant fun.

So if you haven’t been out fishing yet this year, then what are you waiting for ? These days a 12 month fishing licence last for a full 12 months, no matter when you buy it. So no excuses, get the rods out of the shed, get your gear together and get yourself a Fishing Licence. They are available from post offices, by phoning 0344 800 5386 or easier still by paying online via the link below.  Juniors under 13 don’t need a licence and those between 13-16 get a licence for free, just apply online. There is an amazing 12 months of fishing ahead of you.

Get your licence by clicking the link below



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