Have your say about the close season before it’s too late !

The current Environment Agency Coarse Fish Close Season Consultation has been hitting the news recently, as anglers get the chance to have their say about it’s future. However the time is short as the consultation is due to close on March 11th


The Coarse Fish Close Season on rivers and certain stillwaters and canals currently runs from the 15th March to the 15th June and is designed to protect coarse fish during the key spawning period, to ensure healthy stocks of fish. However in recent years there have been calls from some quarters to either amend the current close season or abolish altogether.

Below are a couple of links that are well worth a read:

3 views on the close season

Views and key information on the close season debate

Could these signs disappear for good?or do you think it’s essential we retain the close season ? It’s time to have your say !

The Environment Agency official consultation and will be consulting on three options:

  •         Retain the current coarse fish close season on rivers – 15 March to 15 June
  •         Retain a close season, but change the duration – 15 April to 30 June
  •         Remove the close season altogether.

The last date for responding to this consultation is 11 March 2019.

What happens when the consultation is closed ?

After that the Environment Agency will publish all responses to the consultation (minus personal information and only where respondents have not withheld their permission to do so). They will collate the feedback they receive and publish a report on what people have told them. They will then consider this feedback and any fresh evidence they receive. If they conclude there is a case to either change the close season dates or remove it altogether, they will make and advertise new byelaws in 2019. This will give everyone an opportunity to object or support the proposals, before they submit an application to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to confirm any changes they decide on. It will then be up to the Secretary of State to decide if they support the recommendations.

How do I have my say ?

The consultation will be online until 11 March 2019. It can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Environment Agency Coarse Fish Close Season Consultation


8 thoughts on “Have your say about the close season before it’s too late !

  1. Out dated time for change Pike and Perch spawn before season ends Barbel and Carp spawn when it opens

  2. Keep the close season. The fish need a break from selfish anglers. Let the fish feed and breed without being disturbed

  3. I think the current close season should stay ad it is, on fact I think it should cover all.coarsr fishing river and still waters, although I can’t see that happening now.

  4. I say it should be enforced It gives the environment time to recover as well as not disturbing the wild life.
    But free sections of the river could stay open 👍🙂

  5. I think it is good to have a closed season but the date choices I feel are it of touch with today’s climate in the UK. There is such a difference between north England and the Southwest.

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