Angling Trust 3 minutes with interviews

New “3 Minutes With” series of angling interviews launched

If there’s one thing most anglers share, it’s the ability to tell a good tale or share an opinion or three. Which is why we’ve been busy lately, catching the thoughts of angling personalities of all kinds to star in a new series. Dominic Garnett reports.

Angling Trust 3 minutes with interviews

If fishing itself is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a close second would have to be the conversation and camaraderie between anglers. The sport lends itself so well to great stories and talking points. Capturing these in print or online is one of the highlights of what I do.

Blogs and article are great then, but with the march of digital technology we felt it was high time to add something beyond our “Lines on the Water” blog. We felt that a short, punchy format would work best, meeting a host of different angling personalities, from star names and innovators to passionate grass roots anglers.

We also enjoyed firing a real pick ‘n’mix of questions at them: How many rods have you broken? What’s your strangest or most embarrassing fishing experience? What grinds your gears and how can each of us help the sport we love?

So what else can you expect? Well, I’m not spoiling the surprise, but suffice to say we have some great interviews lined up. Certain angling personalities you may already know well, others you won’t. Here are our first three guests. Enjoy the series- and do share with your friends!

Jack Perks

With footage featuring in the likes of The One Show, SpringWatch and Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing, Jack Perks is one of the UK’s most talented and innovative upcoming wildlife filmmakers and photographers. Here, we got his take on the fishing he loves, the things that grind his gears… and the surprising and strangely violent side to grayling!

Andy Taylor

At the recent British Fly Fair International (BFFI), it was my great pleasure to catch up with Andy Taylor. A lifelong fly fishing addict, Andy is a highly respected competition angler who also edits the beautifully produced new quarterly magazine Today’s Flyfisher.  Here, we find a selection of his highs, lows and most memorable fishing moments.

Nick Simmonds

As well as star anglers and larger than life characters from the fishing world, our “3 Minutes With” series will also be connecting with the passionate folks who make up the Angling Trust. You won’t meet many more dedicated than lifelong angler Nick Simmonds, our Membership Manager, who you may well have had the pleasure to chat to at one of the big fishing shows. Here, he talks about his life in fishing, from bleak to barbel.

* * * * * * * *

Thats all for now, but do keep an eye on the Angling Trust Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel for more as the series progresses! We’ll also be at The Big One this month, as will ambassadors including Terry Hearn and Jeremy Wade. Do say hello if you’re there!

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