Annual Fisheries Reports Published By The Environment Agency

“What does my fishing licence money get spent on ?” is an often asked question. If you want to know the answer, then the EA Annual Fisheries Report is the place to go. The reports for financial year 2017/18 have just been released and they include a national overview report as well as separate reports for different areas right round the country.

“How does my rod licence money get spent ?” The annual reports answer that very question.

The reports also highlight some great examples of the kind of projects that are funded to improve our fisheries so look out for the fascinating case studies throughout the reports. The reports are produced in an easy to understand format and feature plenty of charts and graphs to explain things more easily. There is information on all strands of Environment Agency Fisheries work including enforcement, stocking, habitat projects etc etc.

The reports contain lost of easy to understand diagrams and charts to illustrate what is being done by EA Fisheries Teams.

So click the link below and have a read through both the National Report and the report for your Area of the country. It’s fascinating stuff !


just click the image to read the reports

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