Top 10 Fishing Songs of all Time


It’s true, pop music and fishing doesn’t generally go hand in hand, despite the fact that some amazing musicians like Feargal Sharkey and Roger Daltrey are passionate anglers. However, over the years there have been some brilliant fishing tunes and some really terrible ones. At the end of the day, the nice thing about these songs is that they all explore the reasons why we love fishing so much. So let us know what your favourites are and what classics we have missed out.

So here, in reverse order, is our list of Fishing tunes that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

10) Just making the Top 10 is Match Fishing legend Bob Nudd, with his slightly weird attempt at Rap. Bob is “Comin’ atcha, with my 40ft pole”

9) Songs from the Good Ole US of A feature pretty heavily in our top 10 and here is a fantastically cheesey one with a really catchy chorus. You’ll be humming it for weeks !

8) It’s 1951, two of the biggest music stars in the world get together and record possibly the most iconic fishing song of all time. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.

7) If you are into modern Country Music, beautiful big fishing boats, underwater footage of Marlin baits and men in tartan shirts, then you better get hooked up with James Wesley.

6) They’re British, they love heavy metal and their video includes a guest appearance by a rather stiff looking Cliff Richards. These carp fanatics come in at number 6, but that’s being kind..this is awful !

5) Ok we are into the top 5 and not before time we have some women anglers getting in on the scene. This is actually surprisingly good and we love the whole concept of girls being more interested in fishing than guys !

4) Ok we are getting serious now, actual proper music. Not Country & Western, not a comedy song, a proper artist and a proper track. Chris Rea, Gone Fishing.

3) You don’t get much more British than Chas & Dave. Chas very sadly died back in 2018, and this was one of the very last sons they recorded. It’s actually quite beautiful.

2) The Yanks have made it back in at number 2. This is another country classic and it’s worth watching just for the video which has some great footage of snook fishing.


1) At number one is a band fronted by a Scotsman and made extra famous by being the theme tune to Talksports Fishermans Blues programme. Maybe an obvious choice, but what a great track. Here’s a fantastic live version of Fishermans Blues by The Waterboys.



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