New British Movie With Fishing At It’s Heart

There have been plenty of British movies featuring the sports and pastimes that our great nation loves, Whether it’s football in Bend It Like Beckham and The Damned United, Tennis in Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst, or Motor Racing in the James Hunt Biopic Rush there have been some great films, and now at last, it’s the turn of fishing in the new Independent British movie Pondlife.

Pondlife is set in an un-named South Yorkshire former mining town in 1994 and follows the lives of a group of young people and their families as they try to come to terms with the harsh realities of a community with few jobs and or opportunities. The hero of the film is Trevor (played by Tom Varey of Game of Thrones fame) who finds an escape from his troubles in his love of fishing. Trevor sits at Decoy Ponds, patiently awaiting the appearance of Nessie, the carp of local legend. Misfit Pogo (Esme Creed-Miles) wanders around town with a cassette recorder, taping broken fragments of the world around her. Lovesick Malcolm (Angus Imrie) is trying to mend his broken heart and best friends Shane (Gianluca Gallucci) and David (Ethan Wilkie) have nothing better to do. When rumours of giant carp sightings begin to swirl about town, this young community, led by Trevor, embark on a fishing expedition they will never forget.

We were lucky enough to see an early screening of Pondlife and we absolutely loved it. This is a movie full of heart and soul and humour and sadness. A movie about real people who find an escape from their troubles through fishing. The acting by the young cast is utterly compelling and the writing is as honest and authentic as it gets. This is a wonderful film that your non-angling friends and relatives will love as much as you do. In short, do yourself a favour, go and see this amazing film and let’s celebrate the fact that fishing finally get’s it’s place in a British movie.

For details of screenings near you go to PONDLIFE

Exclusive Angling Trust Interview with the Writer Richard Cameron



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