“Get Fishing” book released to inspire new anglers: Win a copy!

We’re all keen to get more new anglers on the bank these days. Free fishing events and taster sessions are a massive help, but how do we turn that first catch into a regular hobby? Merlin Unwin Books might just have the answer, with a lively, user friendly new fishing book at just a tenner which the Angling Trust’s “Get Fishing” team has helped with.

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Could we be on the cusp of an angling revival in the UK? The sport is definitely back in the public eye, thanks to the likes of Jeremy Wade, Will Millard and Paul Whitehouse. On the bank it has also been a great couple of years, with a whopping 77,000 newcomers trying fishing at events supported by your rod licence money and our nationwide army of 1300 Angling Trust coaches. Keeping up with the digital age we live in, the site www.getfishing.org.uk  has also been a big success in providing an online guide to hundreds of free events alongside useful short videos.

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All great stuff, but how do we convert these wins to more regular anglers? So often, it’s providing that continued learning, which cannot be supplied in just a few short hours. Because, as familiar as most experienced anglers are with the various basic skills and jargon, it can be a baffling world to the newcomer.

Books and magazines can be key, then, but they tend to be quite specialist, already assuming that the reader knows the world of wagglers, pinkies, wet and dry flies. This is precisely where the new book comes in.

The best of angling books for beginners…

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It’s one thing to have good intentions then, but getting those essential angling skills and knowhow into print is another matter. That’s why the production team at Merlin Unwin Books have gone for the experience of passionate fishing coach Allan Sefton and the advice of Get Fishing’s angling participation team.”

On the whole, then, perhaps a fishing book for kids or beginners will sink or swim on three basic criteria. It has to be visually appealing, user friendly and affordable.

In terms of visual appeal, the book is colourful and well ilustrated. In particular, angling artist David Overland is a great choice for the visuals. From plaice to perch, there are some wonderful illustrations to back up lots of clear and appealing photography.

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David Overland’s illustrations add visual appeal and clarity throughout.

As for being user friendly, this is the trickiest bit for any angling book that aims at the newcomer. Get Fishing scores well here though, in no small part due to having a coach as author. It’s all digestible and well signposted- and the language is accessible without being dumbed down.

Indeed, it’s not too simplistic for an adult or parent, but will also be fine for youngsters of around 11 years and upwards, or younger for stronger readers. Coaches, too, will find the book a good resource for breaking down lots of useful little lessons and tips into digestible chunks- and there’s everything from sensible tackle choices to watercraft pointers in the mix.

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Finally, in terms of affordability you cannot grumble at just £9.99! A tenner is brilliant value for a durable hardback book packed with colour illustrations.

It can be ordered directly from Merlin Unwin Books, although you may also find it on Amazon or perhaps directly from Angling Trust coaches in due course. All in all you’d have to conclude that this is an excellent basic fishing book- and, alongside a coaching session or two, this is a great way to learn how to fish.

You can order your copy now for just £9.99 from Merlin Unwin Books, or alternatively, those such as clubs and coaches looking for multiple copies can get in touch with the Get Fishing team via their website: www.getfishing.org.uk/contact-us/

Competition time: Win a copy of Get Fishing!

Do you fancy winning a copy of the brand new Get Fishing book? It’s ideal for those new to the sport, but would also make a perfect fishing gift for a young angler or someone returning to the bank. All you have to do is answer one simple question:

What cartoon strip fishing book is Get Fishing artist David Overland also known for?

Post your answer in the comments section of this blog and we will pick out two random winners on Fri 6th September. Good luck!

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