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First angling clubs receive emergency funds from Sport England!

In a vital move to save fishing clubs close on the brink, the Angling Trust have been working flat out to help secure organisations across the country. It comes as Sport England’s Community Emergency Fund becomes available to help all kinds of sporting bodies survive the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.

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With the covid 19 threat arriving at a critical period for many clubs, as the new tax year comes in and leases and memberships are renewed, the timing is particularly sensitive for many. Rowley and Fenemere Angling Association, which has fishing on the upper River Severn near Shrewsbury, has been the first to receive a cash boost from Sport England after a successful application, with around forty other clubs also applying for a helping hand at the time of writing.

Angling Improvement Fund River Severn

“We’re incredibly grateful because it takes a lot of pressure off us,” said RFAA Chairman Max Taylor (above). “We were alerted by the Angling Trust right away, before it was even announced in the national press. We didn’t get every penny we asked for, but it’ll be a huge help for us to be able to pay the rent on our waters.”

“It’s going to be a rough time for fishing clubs. With the terrible winter floods fishing was often impossible. Then comes the close season and now this! It’s tough to ask for membership renewals right now. Sadly some clubs will risk folding, which is why I’ve been advising others to also apply for help. Even when we’re back on the bank, anglers are going to have to stick together and support clubs and fisheries.”

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“We’re pleased to help, and there’s a valuable opportunity here for angling clubs who might be struggling,” said the Angling Trust’s Club Support Manager Mark Wilton (above). “Since we launched our Covid 19 Support Hub, it has been incredibly busy. As well as calls and questions from individual anglers and fisheries, we’ve also had a big response from clubs and we are particularly keen to help those who find themselves in a difficult position right now. The deadline for applications is the end of July, so while they might extend this, claims can take time to process and the time to act is right now.”

The easiest way for clubs to get in touch about making an application is via email:

While fisheries and most other businesses don’t tend to count as sporting clubs, it’s also worth mentioning that the government are offering emergency loans in many cases. Should you be unsure about what to do next, you are also welcome to contact us for advice.

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2 thoughts on “First angling clubs receive emergency funds from Sport England!

  1. Hodnet angling club last year April1st 2019 to end of March 2020 our membership was 240 . April 1st to 5th May we have 46 members plus 12 officers ( complimentary) total 58 . If lockdown is eased we may be ok but rents to pay We are members of the Trust

    1. Hi Terry. Hopefully you will get a flurry of re-joining members shortly (and touch wood we will be allowed to fish under sensible guidelines quite soon). However, it may still be worth looking at an application if you feel you will need the support- email is best initially ( There’s time yet (end of July is the deadline currently) but it takes around two weeks to process an application. We wish you all the very best. I’ll check with our Midlands region page, but perhaps we might also give your club a shout on Facebook to see if we can get some new and renewing memberships.

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