Angling vs coronavirus: How we’re supporting clubs and fisheries

After weeks of lockdown, the coronavirus crisis has already had a huge impact on the fishing world. Besides all of us desperately missing our time on the bank, the wider effects are profound and will be with us for some time to come.
This is exactly why the Angling Trust has set up a dedicated hub to help everyone in the sport, from individuals to the biggest clubs and fisheries in the country. So where should you look for answers and advice? Here are some useful sources…

What a strange and unpredictable time we’ve had over recent weeks. “Unprecedented” sums up the situation on so many levels. While many workers have been furloughed, the Angling Trust has never been busier.

“We’ve never had a volume of calls and emails quite like it!” Angling Development Officer Dave Evans, reports. “It’s been unbelievable, but we’re keen to help in any way we can.”

The Angling Trust’s Covid-19 Support Hub

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Our support hub has seen huge levels of engagement, we’re pleased to report.

With the online Covid 19 Support Hub, we’ve put together essential support and advice to anglers everywhere, from individual anglers to fishery owners. Meanwhile, our #whenwefishagain campaign has been widely backed as a sensible, phased route to get everyone back on the bank safely, as you might have seen with CEO Jamie Cook’s recent update. It’s a fast moving situation to say the least, hence it’s always worth keeping an eye on our website and Facebook page for breaking news.

Get your daily angling fix at

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With fishing still off limits to anglers everywhere, we’ve also been trying to help keep everyone entertained and up to date with the latest news. This is where our recently launched website has also been a great success to give anglers their daily fishing fix! The site gathers the best angling articles, videos blogs and much more from far and wide. It’s also filtered by content, so regardless of whether you love carp fishing, match fishing, sea, fly or lure angling, there’s sure to be something to grab you! There are even some great resources for families and kids to try during lockdown, including some brilliant fish art tutorials. Do take a look today!

Other common coronavirus questions and useful links

Of course, besides concerns about finances, there have been countless other questions from anglers, clubs and fisheries. Here are just a few of those that have cropped up recently.

Is emergency relief available for clubs and fisheries?
There has been very welcome news just this week, as the first Sport England emergency grants have been awared to angling clubs, as we reported in our last blog. Angling clubs can apply just as other sporting clubs can in what our Club Support Manager Mark Wilton has described as “a valuable opportunity here for angling clubs who might be struggling.”

Fisheries do not fall under the Sport England remit, but may be eligible for an interest free government loan. Like clubs, they can contact the Angling Trust’s support team directly by emailing:

Can I still look after my fishery? Is fishery maintenence “essential” work?
Yes, within reason and provided government guidelines are adhered to, tasks such as keeping fish stocks fed and healthy, or keeping premises secure, are essential. We produced a special blog post with expert advice from the IFM (Institute of Fisheries Management) recently, which has a wealth of good advice.

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Should I still call in reports of illegal fishing? Are patrols still allowed to take place to protect fisheries? Yes, a crime is still a crime and anglers are encouraged to call in any illegal activity they might see during their permitted daily exercise or activities. Please call any suspicious activity in! Our recent blog on enforcement gives a fuller answer to this subject.

What else is permissible under current restrictions?
We have produced a full list of activities here:

When can I go fishing again?
While we are doing everything possible to try and find a safe solution to get angling back with the #WhenWeFishAgain campaign, this is uncertain for now. Anglers everywhere will be awaiting the next government announcements on relaxing lockdown rules this very week. Please keep an eye on our main Facebook page and website for the latest updates. Even when restrictions are relaxed it will be vital that we all adhere to sensible guidance and work together to stay safe. You can read more about our common sense, carefully phased approach HERE.

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Do you have a question that needs answering?

For any other questions relating to the current Coronavirus crisis, whether it’s practical advice or applying for a government loan or to access the Sport England Emergency Relief Fund, contact the Angling Trust via email at :  or visit our Covid 19 Support Hub.

Don’t forget to also follow our Facebook Page for regular news and updates.

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As anglers, we’re all in this together. Your support matters like never before if we are to get fishing safely again and support all the clubs, fisheries and businesses that are so important to our sport, not just today but for the tough months ahead.

If you’re not a member, there’s never been a better time to give your support. Why not join today? Besides backing your favourite sport, there are some brilliant benefits to be had, from bait and tackle discounts to free magazine subscriptions!





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