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12 Great Fishing Podcasts

Love a good digital podcast? Free to listen to and easy to catch up with whenever you please, angling podcasts have taken off in big way lately.

From carp fishing podcasts to those on everything from match to fly, sea and coarse fishing, there’s something for everyone to tune into. So, put the kettle on, grab your headphones and have a listen to one or two of these favourites! Don’t forget to tell us about your own favourite podcasts in the comments box.

1. Strange Boat: The Fishing Podcast

Ideal for: Anglers of all tastes!

With lifelong angler and presenter Keith Arthur at the wheel of this podcast, you just know it’ll be a great listen. The guest list and topics discussed so far have been eclectic to say the least, with everyone from match fishing legend Tommy Pickering, to sea angler Dave Lewis.  Each show gives you a full hour or more of angling discussion that is guaranteed to entertain.

2.  The Fishing Cast

Ideal for: Fly fishing fans

Fronted by seasoned fly anglers Charles Jardine and Simon Cooper, you just know this podcast will be fun and enlightening when it comes to all things game fishing! Recorded in the Test Valley, appropriately enough, listeners can expect a hearty mix of news, discussion and special guests. Whether it’s favourite trout flies, or fishing adventures abroad, there’s no shortage of material here for your listening pleasure.

3. The Edge: Lure Fishing RODcast

Ideal for: Lure anglers who enjoy variety!

Love lure fishing and urban angling? Then this podcast (or rodcast) is just the one for you. “London Perchfisher” aka Adam Jones and Brett Davies tackle a healthy diet of lure angling in each episode. Looking at everything from urban perch fishing to catching sea bass on lures, along with lively discussion on tackle, tactics and venues, the lads cover a lot of water in each show, too. Don’t miss it!

4. The Carp Fishing Podcast

Ideal for: All carp anglers!

Hosted by genuine carp crazy anglers Mike Holly and Mark Bryant, this show does exactly what it says on the tin! Tackling everything from gravel pit to canal carping, there’s a great body of listening material spanning over 30 episodes. Special guests include our own Jamie Cook, in podcast number 28. A must follow podcast for any carp angler!

5. Fish on! With Joe Carass and Rob Wootton

Ideal for: Match anglers

Former Match Angling Magazine editor Joe Carass and top matchman Rob Wootton present this lively show that delivers no shortage of competetive knowhow and talking points alike. While it’s primarily aimed at the match angler, they also get into other topics and there are some brilliant guest turns to boot. Look out for special episodes with guests including Dave Harrell and Lee Kerry among other elite match anglers. 

6. Ramble On, with Fallon’s Angler

Ideal for: Any allround angler, river rambler or wildlife lover!

For anyone who has missed getting out on their favourite river or making that special journey, here’s an evocative listen that’s perfect for any cold evening with a cuppa. Anglers and special guests take you on an audio tour of favourite venues, divulging all the details, secrets and memories that make these places special, whether it’s London’s River Peck, or a forgotten carp lake. Magical stuff- and there are brand new episodes on the way for spring 2021, so do bookmark the site!

7. The Carp Cast

Ideal for: All Carp anglers!

Another popular and long-running show, this was one of the first ever carp podcasts and remains among the very best. The guest list alone should have something for every carp fanatic to look forward to, with household names including Julian Cundiff, Kevin Nash and many more, all featuring in the archives. The perfect listen from home or bivvy!

8. Thinking Tackle: The Korda Carp Fishing Podcast

Ideal for: Rig and carp tackle nuts!

For the specialist carp angler, here’s a show direct from Korda that discusses a wide range of topics, including the tackle and rig talk you’d expect from a show with this moniker. Aside from all the fishing talk and special guests, however, there are also some hidden gems in there. These include a special “Bringing Back the Past” episode in which Danny Fairbrass gives a rare insight into his childhood days and earliest carp fishing adventures. Highly recommended!

9. The Orvis Fly Fishing podcast

Ideal for: Game fishers, adventure anglers and fly fanatics

Plenty of foodfor thought on this podcast from Orvis. Ok, so it’s an American podcast and yes, other brands are also available, but it’s a great show! Topical musings range from fresh to saltwater, along with timeless questions such as “why do I miss bites?” and “was Ernest Hemingway actually quite a sketchy fly fisherman?” Lots of great free fishing content.

10. Audio Angling Interviews

Ideal for: Any angler with an interest in the sport’s great characters, hidden stories and history

This podcast might not have been active for a while, but with over 200 episodes covering a staggering variety of fishing it remains well worth exploring. The sheer variety here is impressive, whether you want to learn more about specialist lure and fly angling, or take a journey into the fascinating world of shark fishing. So much to enjoy here!

11.  All About Angling podcast

Ideal for: Coarse and all-round anglers

With discussion on many aspects of fishing, from coarse to carp, this show is one for those of you who like variety. Topics so far have included everything from angling books to carp baits and angling in the media.

12. Peaks Fly Fishing Podcast

Ideal for: Fly fishers and fans of classic angling books

With blow-by-blow accounts of varied fly fishing from coach David Johnson, this podcast takes the listener to various waters in atmospheric style. Aside from the audio enjoyment of trickling streams and birdsong, there are also plenty of useful observations and tips, too, whether you plan on hitting a small stream or a big reservoir on your next session. Another nice addition are chapters from the fly fishing classic Where The Bright Waters Meet, recorded for your listening pleasure in individual chapters!

Want to hear more?

We’ve only had space to cover a few of our favourite UK fishing podcasts here, but do tell us about your own picks in the comments box. Podcast fans might also want to watch this space and our various social media feeds for further new shows. In fact, another strong possibility is a future Angling Trust podcast. Would you listen to such a show? And if that’s a yes, what topics and guests would you like to hear? Again, just drop us a line in the comments box below.

Meanwhile, those of you who like great angling interviews might also enjoy our own “Three Minutes With….” series from the archives! There’s a fantastic range of characters in the mix with this, from big names like Dave Harrell, through to passionate anglers like river conservationist Tony Bostock, and globe trotting fly fisher and Angling Trust ambassador Marina Gibson.

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