Love Fishing Love Nature !

What do you enjoy most about going fishing? I know that seems a silly question when the answer is partially in the name! But aside from landing your best catch of the day, what else do you enjoy; Tackle prep ? the escapism of being able to sit in the quiet ? the adrenaline of a run, a take or a bite ? the birdsong at dawn? remembering you packed the last piece of cake? seeing a rare species of butterfly? Or all of the above ?

Fishing takes us to some amazingly beautiful places

Of the thousands of anglers recorded in the National Angling Survey, approximately 90% said that experiencing nature and scenery was of key importance to them; while 88% rated escaping crowds and noise was a huge motivation to go fishing. What all this tells us is that for the vast majority of us, going fishing is about enjoying our natural surroundings, appreciating nature and getting all the benefits of being by the waterside.

Now I’m not one for bringing maths into a situation unnecessarily, but I think it’s safe to say as anglers we want to see the planet treated with more respect for future generations.  In fact a huge number of anglers and angling clubs spend a good deal of their time doing hands on, proactive work to protect and restore our environment. According to Government figures approximately 4% of individuals in the UK partake in environmental volunteering, but within the angling community this number skyrockets to 57%, with 24% of those doing so on a monthly basis. That’s something we can be rightly proud of !

Wild Trout Trust Volunteers carrying out in-river restoration work

Our new Love Fishing Love Nature campaign has been launched to showcase the amazing conservation work that anglers do and to promote the fact that angling is an fantastic way to get our there and enjoy the natural world.

We want to share your stories of when you’ve had a magical moment while fishing and showcase all the amazing volunteer work that happens around the country and benefits our fisheries, the surrounding environment and all the beautiful creatures it supports. Whether you fish in freshwater or the sea, this campaign is for everyone inside and out of the angling community to engage in loving fishing and nature.

  • Have you had a kingfisher perched on your rods ?
  • Have a group of fox cubs played rough and tumble in your swim ?
  • Do you love watching the oyster catchers on the mud flats when your digging bait ?
  • Do you keep a record of all the butterflies or dragonflies you see while out fishing ?
  • Have you been followed by a pod of dolphins when kayak fishing ?
  • Have you wondered at the amazing night flying abilities of bats ?

Does your club or fishery actively participate in conservation work? Put up bird or bat boxes? Restore underwater habitats? or have any other projects on the go that help improve the environment ?

We want to hear about all your amazing nature fishing stories so hashtag them #LoveFishingLoveNature when you post on social, or drop our Environment Manager a line at:

Watching oystercatchers flying past when you’re surf casting is one of angling’s great pleasures

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