New angling photography competition: Share your best shots and win top fishing books!

Have you got a great fishing image to share? We’re looking for pictures that sum up the best of angling where YOU live. It could be a fine catch, a scenic view or indeed any memorable shot from your fishing.

Fishing photography competition Angling Trust

With just about every angler carrying a digital camera or good quality mobile phone on them these days, anyone can take a great picture. That said, it still takes a special catch or a keen eye to get that memorable shot.

We’re looking for fresh images that have the “wow” factor. Pictures that make us smile and make others want to go fishing. You won’t need exotic locations or fish, however, because it’s all about capturing angling in your region of the country. Coarse, game or sea angling images are all welcome.

Sea fishing Chesil Beach Dorset
We want images that capture angling where you live, from great catches to beautiful settings.

Ultimately one image for each branch of angling (coarse, sea and game) will win and be used to give your regional Facebook page a refresh. We will begin with the North East and South West regions (entries accepted up until midnight, Sunday 17th Nov), but do keep an eye on our other regional pages for further chances to win later in the year.

Angling photography tips

Fishing photography perch
A well-framed catch picture. Pay attention to the light, make the fish your main focus… and don’t forget to smile!
  1. For catch pictures, it’s sometimes a good idea to briefly retain your fish carefully in a submerged landing net head or damp carp sack. You don’t want to be getting everything ready while a fish is flapping about on the bank!
  2. If it is a catch picture, make the fish the main attraction. Focus on the eye and get that nice and sharp, and the rest will tend to fall into place.
  3. Close the shot down by keeping a smaller frame- just below the fish to just above the angler’s head is ideal. If you take in too much background, you’ll have to crop and lose detail.

    Anglers Eldorado Devon jack Perks
    Action shots are welcome too!
  4. Pay attention to light and clutter! Have the fish facing the sun and you’ll tend to get the best colours. Be sure to remove background clutter that could distract.
  5. It’s all about the frame of the shot! This means what not to include, as much as what you capture.
  6. For more interesting shots, try experimenting with different angles. Rather than just standing and clicking, see what happens when you take the camera right down low, or even get into the water with waders.

    Angling_Photography_tips_Competition - 6
    Dawn or dusk are ideal times to capture venues at their best.
  7. Low light shots at dawn and dusk can be especially beautiful, so do get that camera out early and late. A tripod or phone holder will help make images steadier and sharper in these conditions.
  8. Try something different! Whether it’s a dramatic action shot or detailed close-up of a perfect looking fish, there’s so much more to angling shots than man plus fish.

Competition prizes and terms of entry

One category winner in coarse, sea and game per region will receive a book from Merlin Unwin. We have some classics from the publisher’s back catalogue, too, including the fantastically entertaining Fishing with Harry, Lawrence Catlow’s That Strange Alchemy and the brand new Get Fishing book for junior winners. Don’t forget, Angling Trust members receive a special 10% discount on all of the publisher’s fishing books, including bestsellers from Chris Yates, “B.B” and many more.

Angling_Photography_tips_Competition - 1 (1)
Our winners will receive some top angling reads, courtesy of Merlin Unwin Books!

All picture entries should either be sent to the relevant regional Facebook page, or emailed to
Please include your name, region and postal address!

Here are our other terms and conditions: 

  • The competition is open to all UK residents, with the exception of Angling Trust employees.
  • The deadline for images is midnight on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th.
  • Entries are limited to THREE photos per person in only ONE chosen category (coarse, sea or game).
  • Please give a suitable title for your image, stating which category it is (e.g. “Sunset on the Estuary – Sea”). Please also tell us the location- even if this is a general location (e.g. North Somerset, East Lancashire).
  • Photos do NOT have to have been taken in 2019. However, they must NOT have been used previously in a professional capacity (i.e. magazine feature, print or digital  marketing).
  • Photos must be digital and the copyright must belong solely to the entrant.
  • Images must be taken from the appropriate region  (i.e. you cannot enter a picture from the Midlands into the South West region or vice versa). Entrants can only submit pictures for ONE region, preferably where they live.
  • Pictures taken by or featuring young anglers are especially welcome. If a junior is pictured, however, you MUST have permission from their parent or guardian.
  • A judging panel in each region will pick what they consider to be the THREE best pictures in each category (coarse, sea, game). These will then be voted on by anglers in your region on the basis of how many likes each shot receives.
  • Entrants will retain copyright in the photographs that they submit. By entering the competition entrants grant the organisers a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, and publish images/videos entered into the competition.
  • Media will be allowed to publish images entered free of charge for the purpose of promoting the photography competition and angling in general, without express permission from the photographer. The organisers will try to ensure all images used by the media are credited to the photographer.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the competition and your entry. Good luck and give it your best shot! 

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